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Why settle for peanuts and cracker jacks when you have an entire collection of officially licensed MLB photos at your disposal?

At Photo File, we’ve been capturing the moments that define MLB history since the league’s inception. From vintage black-and-white prints to modern uniframes, our collection of MLB photos is both expansive and unique. Our MLB collection displays the raw action and nostalgia that define baseball — those moments where the team’s slugger approaches the plate with two outs in the bottom of the ninth; grass-stained jerseys from gold-glove winning outfielders; and the sheer intensity of a pitcher on the mound.

Browse through the collection today to find MLB photos of your favorite players and teams.

The Best In MLB Photography

Photo File was awarded the first license for professional sports photography in the U.S., and we haven’t stopped since. Now, we have a vast collection of vintage prints and modern artwork which resides in our state-of-the-art facility in Mount Kisco, New York. With the industry’s most innovative digital printing machinery and custom framing department, the Photo File team brings incredible MLB photos to every fan.

It’s time to think beyond the bobble heads, baseball caps, and foam fingers. Upgrade your memorabilia collection with Photo File, your curators of MLB history.

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From the Green Monster of Fenway to the grandstand of Yankee Stadium, our MLB photo collection represents the iconic places and people that have transformed professional baseball into America’s pastime.

Browse our MLB photo collection today and choose between home plate plaques, player spotlights, profile photos, and so much more.

Shop for the cycle — browse by team, player, and league to find an MLB photo you love.

Personalized Products

Family Cheer

Are you ready to show off your family’s team pride? This personalized sign is a GREAT gift for you or someone you love. With descriptors like “love”, “trust”, “grateful”, "generous" and "respect," this piece eloquently portrays your family’s values while also showing off your team spirit. Add your family’s name and order one today!

Stitched Uniform

Are you a real fan? Let everyone know with your personalized name plate. Your name appears on the back of this print designed to look just like your favorite team jersey. Framed under glass - the print measures 6" x 22" - arrives ready to hang. Makes a great gift for you or someone else. Order one today!

Locker Room

Now you can have your jersey hang next to the stars of any NFL, MLB, NHL and Collegiate team with our personalized locker room prints! Simply type in the name that you want to appear on the back of your favorite team's jersey, next to 3 of that team's best players. Elegantly finished in a 15" x 18" black frame with digital double mat, glass front. Arrives ready to hang. Makes a great gift for you or someone else. Order one today!


Are you a real fan? Now your favorite team can recognize you for how awesome you are! Have a section of the crowd call out your name in the cards. Your name or names are also repeated below. Elegantly finished in 15 inch x 18 inch black frame, glass front. Arrives ready to hang. Makes a great gift for you or someone else. Get one now!

Pub Sign

Have you always wanted to own a tavern or hangout that honors your favorite sports team? Now you can make it look like you do. This photo features your name or nickname on the marquee and your full name below the word proprietor. Elegantly finished in 15" x 18" black frame, glass front. Arrives ready to hang. Makes a great gift for you or someone else. Create one now!

MLB Personalizations

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Let’s put attention where it belongs, the player! The background is faded in a soft gray-scale to highlight the impact of the player’s vivid and colorful uniform.


Motivational, inspirational, and sometimes just fun quotes from your favorite athletes. Available in 8”x10”, 11”x14”, 16”x20” and 20”x24” glassless frames. These super lightweight frames come with an easel back for your desk or are ready to hang on your wall. Now also available in several canvas sizes!

All-Time Greats

A collection of your team’s past and present superstars. These graphically designed composites also highlights the championship years. As one of our most popular designs these prints make a perfect gift when framed.


From their backs to your wall. These photographic representations of your favorite player’s jersey will look amazing in your home, office, family room or kid’s room. Framed 20”x 20”, 14”x14” or 7”x7” these Uniframes include a dramatic action image of the player in the jersey being depicted. We put a name plate on top of the frame for those players who don’t have their name on their official jersey. You have the option of ordering your Uniframe with glass (standard) or without (perfect for autographs). Plus, for the first time you can order your Uniframe in canvas.

Home Plate

Slide into home! Our popular line of Home Plate shaped plaques include exclusive eye-popping graphics of MLB Stars from yesterday and today. This makes the perfect gift for a Baseball fan! It’s ready to hang in a sports den, office or child’s room. 11.5” x 11.5”


A striking black and white profile portrait incorporating an action image on a stark white background. Classy by design.


Pennants started as medieval flags denoting pride and loyalty. They evolved into a sports tradition; a symbol of team affiliation. But these aren’t your father’s droopy pennants tacked to the wall. These are pennants for modern times. Each school and team is individually graphically designed, printed on high-quality photographic paper, mounted and framed in lightweight black wood without glass. These 13”x33” pennants will never droop. But you can still hang them with one simple tack!

Championship Banner

Celebrate your favorite team’s championship history! These banners feature striking graphics portraying the team logo, years the championships were won and the team’s stadium, arena or field. All are quality framed to a 14.5”x 27.5” size. Every bowl game, World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup or Championship your team has won is portrayed – and when they win their next we will update your piece FREE.


Plaques have been a staple of the sports collectible business for as long as one can remember, but never have they been done with the style and quality of the plaques made by Photo File. Each photo is partnered with a full color sublimated plate, in itself a work of art. And as with all Photo File’s products, each plaque is fully licensed. 15”x12” in size.

Mini Frame

Looking for a smaller option? We offer several styles to choose from. From your favorite players to stadiums, from championship brackets to the history of team logos, our popular line of MiniFrames is just right for you and also makes for a great gift. Framed with glass and ready to hang. 6.75” x 13”


These 12”x36” prints are true photos (not posters). They’re also our most advanced and graphically involved designs. Typically commemorating a Championship or top tier superstar these cutting edge supersized composites are worth the investment to get autographed.

Milestones & Memories

For years, Photo File has used special 11”x14” mats to celebrate important milestones and memories in sports – hence the name Milestones & Memories. This line has evolved to include precision cut team and university logos within colored mats. Photo File also commemorates important moments in American history, entertainment and music. These Milestones & Memories are available framed.

Limited Edition

Hall of Fame

The greatest moments and events in baseball’s history are documented in scorecards, contracts, scouting reports and tickets preserved in the archives at Cooperstown. Working closely with the Hall of Fame, we have carefully reproduced many of these artifacts and they are now available, beautifully matted and framed, for you to display in your home or office. Each piece is limited to only 500, comes with a COA and is fully licensed by Major League Baseball and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The frames in this collect vary is size but are typically around 24”x28” or more.


Passing the torch from one generation to the next. The greatest players of the past paired with the greatest players to follow. Two and often three generational players are showcased on your team.


Every stadium in every league and university we offer. As a fan of your team, this is your home, shrine, or temple. Where were you sitting when this photo was taken?

Motion Blast

Boom! Action frozen in your face and the background is a hard blur. These images convey movement and the power of the moment!

Portrait Plus

We remember when we made our first composite many years ago. One of our sales assistants coined the term…"this is a really cool portrait…PLUS!" The phrase stuck. We offer hundreds of options in this incredibly popular composite line.

Team Logo

Display your team with pride! Each team and universities’ primarily logo printed with a stylish border treatment.

Team Composite

It’s like putting all your favorite super heroes in one comic! Only these heroes are real. “Nuff said”.

Studio Plus

Our tribute to classic trading cards of the 1950’s. Printed with an ol’style sepia tone but your print will always be mint.


Player Photos

Action Plus

My Center Pro